Business Consultation

BUSINESS 101: Sometimes the challenge is that you don’t know what you don’t know. We help you determine what you need to know. Our Business 101 consultation covers a wide range of issues including bookkeeping, taxes, deductions, employees, payroll, business license, partners, investors, entity choice (LLC, S-corp, C-corp, etc) and more.

ADVANCED BUSINESS SERVICES: Is your business structure giving you the best tax benefit? We help you determine the most beneficial entity structure and file elections to give your company a more beneficial tax treatment. If you’re setting up a new business, talk to us first to avoid costly errors. We provide the most complete entity formation services in the State of Oregon including a one hour business consultation, a one hour legal consultation, all necessary legal documents, an Employee Identification Number (EIN), an Oregon Business Identification Number (BIN), your business license and all necessary forms and filings for federal, Oregon and Portland. We also do mergers, acquisitions, valuations, sale/purchase consulting and ownership changes. Schedule a consultation to determine the most appropriate business entity, the best liability protection and the maximum tax benefit.